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Good morning!

 I decided to do a different pairing that didn't quite work out. So I had to fix it by stamping over it. That was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself. Sadly, I didn't photograph the before because I just wasn't digging it.

Fierce! (With the obligatory cat hair stuck to my finger.)

I started out with Sephora by OPI in I Only Shop Vintage and I Think I Cayenne as an accent nail. Both were lovely to apply and look at just not so much together. I grabbed my Essence Stampy Plate with animal prints, Orly Buried Alive and WNW Black Creme and made it better.

Giraffes and tigers...oh my!

I always wanted to use the giraffe print but I never had the polish I thought would be the best base. Until Matt surprised me with a ton of $OPI polishes. I love the shimmer in I Only Shop Vintage and paired with the shimmer of Buried Alive, it's sublime.

Buried Alive isn't a perfect stamping polish but it looks really good over a lighter base when you want a subtler effect. WNW Black Creme was everything I hoped for stamped over I Think I Cayenne. Rawr!

I love the full nail designs on my Essence plates. I'm still working on placement but my nails are curved so these designs don't exactly fit perfectly. I'm definitely going to have to invest in some plates with wider and longer full nail images.

And there ya have it. I love my animal print manicure!

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  1. So I love this! Especially the color combo on the giraffe print. Its spot on! I have an incredible urge to buy nail polish but i just did the Zoya bogo and have just received 8 polishes so there's no way Im buying more. Trolling your blog to ooh and aah until the urge to spend money passes!


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