Golden sunset

Good morning.

Today I have a sponged gradient that I am just madly in love with.

Eek! Shimmer herpes!

I spent the other day playing around with nail art and color combinations. It was great fun but so gratifying when I hit upon this.

This is two coats of Gap Gold Rush. (You can see my swatch HERE.) It's a Chanel Peridot dupe that flashes gorgeous green, gold and bronze. I then sponged L.A. Girl Bronze Metal and Gold Rush over that. What a fantastic combination!

Seriously, this may be my most favorite of all time. It's pretty much everything I love. Except the shimmer herpes I got when I cleaned up. Oh well.

I purchased Gold Rush at Gap for $6 in 2012. I bought L.A. Girl Bronze Metal at Fuego in Portland. I don't remember exactly how much I paid, I do know that it was less than $5.

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