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I mentioned being able to visit Sephora inside JC Penney a few weeks ago and I scored some things on clearance. I was particularly excited to pick up an Illamasqua polish and for less than usual.

Illamasqua - Freckle
Three coats over base coat
Topped with Out The Door

Milky glitters have been crazy popular and I have certainly fallen for them myself. I was really into the Speckle collection and Freckle really was my favorite. I love an unusual color offering and Freckle was unexpected. 

Freckle is a tan milky jelly loaded with fine black glitter and larger black hex glitter. It makes me think of cookies and cream or a frozen coffee drink dusted with cookie crumbs. 

I was truly impressed with the application. It's a thin formula that glides on and doesn't drag. The glitter doesn't have to be dabbed or swirled in order to achieve full coverage. It was very pleasant just to swipe it on.

The dry time blew me away. I expected it to take a little longer to dry but it was super quick. This isn't particularly shiny on its own and top coat helps add shine but not a lot. That's okay though. I think super shine would make this look less like a confection and more like dirt.

I got a nice deal on this. It was on clearance for $8, marked down from it's MSRP of $17. Freckle was the only one left at my store. It was clear that it wasn't a popular choice in Eugene. Which worked out just fine for me since it was the one I wanted.

The Speckle collection is still on the Sephora website but it's still selling for $17. So, you may want to check out your nearest Sephora store and see if they have any on clearance. It's possible Freckle was the only one marked down in my area since it wasn't popular but, it's always worth checking out.

In summation, I'm so pleased with this. I love the color and glitter. The application and dry time are sublime. I'm happy to have an Illamasqua in my stash now and I definitely want more!

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