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Good morning!

Last week was crazy busy for me. I had to take my niece to the airport, go watch my husband play in superhero themed dodge ball and attend the Whiteaker Block Party. I also went and hung out with one of my dearest girls for her birthday. It was a jam packed week.

Things are just going to get even busier so I just want to warn you that future posts may be less wordy. That said, let's take  a look at a couple more OPI polishes.

Suzi Loves Sydney

I've seen this before but for some reason I keep wanting to confuse it with Brisbane Bronze. This is clearly not brown so I just don't know.

Three coats over base coat

I do love a shimmery, metallic wine color. I must because I own so many of them and I keep buying more. This applied gorgeously, dried quickly and was sublime.

OPI My Daddy's The King
Three coats over base coat

This was not nearly as streaky as I thought it would be. I also did not anticipate the bit of shimmer either. This is a black label version and it still applies lovely and dries quickly.

There ya have it. I have lots to try and show you this week. I took a trip to Dollar Tree and Claire's so...I got things.

Both items were given to me as a gift from my mother.

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