My game is like meh

Good morning.

Today I have some nail "art." It's really what happened when I was sleep hungover and lacked the energy to do much of anything. (Never heard of the sleep hangover? It's what happens when you've been up for 22 hours straight, slept for 9 but find that it was not nearly enough so you're sick and groggy all day.)

Texture galore!

So I went to Sephora a few Fridays ago and spied the Nails Inc. Bling It On nail kit in Rebel was on clearance. (So was Illamasqua Freckle...) It was marked down to $12 and I scooped it right up.
I love the skull shaped design elements and I wanted to try the Leather Effect polish.

Being sleep hungover, I didn't have the wherewithal to try to attempt gluing shit on my nails. I could've ended up gluing myself to one of  the cats. So I did that up there and then this:

Top coated texture

I'd like to say I was going to do a ruffian or funky French or something. I did not have nearly that much cognizant thought. I just began painting. And then I thought, this needs Venique Raging Crimson. So, yeah.

Anyway, I loved Noho. It applied great and dried quick. I did expect it to be a one coater so I was surprised to apply two. Don't ask me how I came to that assumption, I haven't the faintest.

So there ya have it. I scored on the cheap and now I have little metal skulls I can glue to my nails...someday.

I got the Nails Inc kit at Sephora on clearance. I guess I should clarify that it's the Sephora inside JC Penney because I live in the second largest city in Oregon and it's way too hippie and shit for a big girl size Sephora.. But I don't think it matters.

I got Venique Raging Crimson as a gift from my mom. I love it.

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