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I had a crazy burst of energy and got me to my computer. I've been doing more nail art lately because it's a nice way to unwind at the end of the day. (End of the day is hilarious. I wake up for insanely early. 5 p.m. is like hella late for me now.)

I was going through my stash and making sure the bottles were clean and capped tight when I realized I hadn't used China Glaze Blue Sparrow in forever. So I decided to watermarble with it.

Base is Orly Lollipop
swirled with China Glaze 108 Degrees and Blue Sparrow

I was also inspired because I went to Sally Beauty and picked up 108 Degrees and Orly Lollipop. It was super sunny and very warm and I wanted sparkly nails.

So I found Blue Sparrow to be not so good for water marbling. It didn't spread that well and ended up clumping. It turned out okay but it could've been a hell of a lot better.

That's my story about that. I'm excited for some free time to just take photos and edit because I have a lot to show. But first, I will be going to see Whitesnake in concert on Saturday. Seriously, the Douglas County Fair can book some good acts. Good, if you're old like me anyway!

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