Hitting the Bricks

Good afternoon!

Apologies for the lack of anything here. I've been exceptionally busy with work things. Nonetheless, I have something today!

I was at a loss for what to do with my nails and I said so aloud. So Matt challenged me to recreate a brick pattern from a photo that's on our "media computer." I was intimidated but eager to accept the challenge. I have to admit, it cam out better than I expected.

I do have to apologize for the photo quality. I snapped the photos right before I had to get to work so they're not the best. Oh well.

I originally thought I would use a striper brush for this but Matt reminded me about my striping tape. Thank bob he did. It would've been a disaster otherwise.

All bricked up

It's a lot of look for sure. I don't think I would wear this as a full mani again, I think I'd prefer to do a couple of nails like this.

Here's what I used:
Base is two coats of Butter London Bumster
I sponged Essence Do You Speak Love and Color Club Rebel Spirit over the tape I laid out
Finished with a light sponging of Bumster and then Out The Door Top Coat.

The most difficult part about this was the tape placement. I laid down one strip vertically and then three horizontal. This made it easier for me to remember the order to pull the tape as soon as I was done sponging.

And there ya have it, Brick Pattern nail art.

I'll be seeing you soon with another Meet the Rivals nail look and a Duck Day manicure on Saturday!

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