Good morning!

Today I have two looks to share. I was inspired by the 31 Days of Color challenge going on. One day featured metallic looks and I really loved seeing what some lovely bloggers did.
Once my look was all done, it made me think of generic 80's wall art that I used to see all the time at the swap meet and yet again when I worked at the Goodwill.

This would look terrible on a wall.

I blame my 80s flashback on listening to Crystal Castles. Their cover of Not in Love with Robert Smith is perfect icy 80s dance music. That of course made me think of some of my favorite 80s movies like To Live and Die in L.A., Body Double and Manhunter. And this is how my mind spirals. You're welcome.

Anyway, my nails. Here is what I used:
Base is Orly Rage
Sponged with L.A. Girl Metal in Iron Red, Zoya Trixie, Milani Metal Gear and Nail Magic Birthstones in Amethyst and Sapphire.
I just randomly dabbed the polishes on with a sponge and done. My right hand came out better but I have pretty much given up on trying to photograph my dominant hand. Last time I almost broke my camera.

I wore it like that for a day and the next I decided top with my Fing'rs Get Spotted top coat


I loved the way that looked. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be replicating it again and again.

There ya have it. Here's to a good week!

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