Lunch at the Delhi and Who Are You Wearing?

Good morning.

Today I have some more OPI polishes from the goody bag mom gave me.

OPI Lunch at the Delhi

OPI Who Are You Wearing?

Three coats over base coat

I used to own Who Are You Wearing and I ended up sending it off to the Zoya Polish exchange back in 2009. It was the only one I liked out of the 2007 Holiday in Hollywood but I was kind of underwhelmed.
Revisiting now with a new bottle and I'm smitten. It has everything to do with sunlight. I originally wore it in the winter and Oregon winters are quite gloomy so I didn't get the true beauty of this. So I'm so happy to have it back into the fold and I will never neglect it again!

Three coats over base coat

Oh, pink. I have such a love/hate with it. I worked at Ed Wyse Beauty Supply when the India collection was launched and I remembered liking it but only buying Moon over Mumbai and Curry Up Don't Be Late. (I still need Royal Rajah Ruby and Black Cherry Chutney.) But I skipped over Lunch at the Delhi because pink.
Lo, these years later and I quite like it. It's not too precious and it's nice and bright. However, this may end up on my toes more often that it does my fingers.

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