Meet the Rivals Week 1

Good morning!

Matt gave me a great nail art challenge last week. He wants me to do a manicure for the football team Oregon will face each week. Of course, he offers this while we were watching the Duck game. Thus today I'm making up for that and showing a manicure for Nicholls State. If you missed that, well, the Ducks beat them and quite decisively. It was fun to watch but it wasn't much of a challenge for them. Next week they play Virginia so we'll see.

Anyway, my tribute to the fine Nicholls State football team:

Geaux Colonels?

What I used:
Sinful Colors Ruby, Ruby
Orly Dazzle
WNW French White Creme
 Metallic Striping Tape
Claire's Alphabet Stamping Plate

Holy buckets do I love the red striping tape over the silver. I'll be doing that again. I also decided to play with negative space and it was kind of meh. I don't think I chose a good polish to do that with and my tape placement wasn't so great. I'll try it again with other colors.

I love the alphabet plate but I really need to work on getting a better transfer. The top of the letter is a bit faded. I think it's less the polish used and more that I'm scarping off too much. Practice, practice then!

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