Meet the Rivals Week 2

Good afternoon!

Today I have another round of nail art for this week's opponent against the Ducks. They will be playing Virginia tomorrow and I hope it will be a bit more of a challenge.

It's odd for me to be working in colors that are not green and yellow. I kept shaking my head while I was doing this. It just was not right!

Here's what I used:

China Glaze Papaya Punch on index, ring and pinkie.
Revlon Royal on middle finger.
I did the dots with  Royal and the stamps with Papaya Punch and WNW French White Creme.
The "V" stamp is from the Alphabet plate that came in one of the Claire's kits I bought.
Lastly, I used metallic blue striping tape to decorate the index and pinkie.

I'm a snotch disappointed that my dots smeared but then again, I wasn't working in my team color so I'm not that upset. 

There ya have it. Tomorrow you will see my Duck Day manicure. Go Ducks!

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