Meet the Rivals Week 3

Good afternoon!

Tomorrow Oregon will take on the Tennessee Volunteers at Autzen Stadium. I'm pretty excited about this game, I think it should be pretty fierce. I really dislike the SEC but I'm okay with Tennessee. Probably because I've always liked Peyton Manning.

I'm really disappointed with what I'm about to show you. I had issues doing it and frankly, I couldn't get the proper orange. Which is surprising considering how much I love orange.

Oh dear. This could've been so much better. 

I really wanted to replicate the check pattern of the endzone at Tennessee's home field but I went the wrong way. I should have painted the nails orange and stamped in white. Dang. I went through all of my orange stash and the color I used was just because I was at my wit's end. The orange is supposed to be yellow toned but not that light. I was also really annoyed that my middle finger and pinkie smudged. I had to repaint then twice and still had problems even though I waited a long time for them to dry. But it was only those two. The other two fingers were fine. I don't even know.

Here's what I used:
The white base is Sephora by OPI
The orange is Cosmetic Arts unnamed neon orange. I decided to name it "Atomic Cheese."
I stamped the check pattern with an Essence Stampy Plate and outlined the "T" with a Sally Hansen Nail art pen in Silver.

Here's to doing an amazing Ducks manicure then. Maybe I had the issues because it just feels so wrong to paint another school's colors. 

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