Warm Hearted

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I have not always had the best history with Finger Paints. My first experience was a nightmare and it left me reluctant to try them again. I've since has better ties with their glitters and figured this would be a brand I only buy toppers from. But then I strolled through Sally Beauty many months ago and found an exquisite duochrome that was on clearance. I couldn't say no to a duochrome.

Finger Paints Warmhearted

I saw the red flash and I knew it was coming home with me. Warmhearted is a taupey-tan that flashes red, gold a bit bronze. When it is in full sunlight, it warms up more and becomes almost caramel.

Three coats over base

It applies nicely and dries quickly. It is still a bit sheer at three coats but I'm okay with that. This would be great as a layering color or for use in sponging.

I love it so much. I'm not sure it will bring me completely over to the brand but it's a good start!

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