Good afternoon!

I'm posting this while watching the Duck game so pardon if I'm not terribly effusive. I have to be honest, I'm not super pleased with how this turned out. Damn attack of the nail fail!

A rare view of my right hand.
This time I didn't almost break my camera trying to take the photo.

Here's what I used:

All nails are three coats of Wet n' Wild The Wonder Yellows
Thumb, middle and pinkie have a thin coat of Color Club Daisy Does It
The dots are Ulta The Jungle Look
The football stamp is Konad plate m52 and stamped with green Konad Special Polish
I used metallic green striping tape to make the French tips

Here's a scan of plate m52 for reference:

All right. I am out. Ducks are up 31-7 in the second quarter. GO DUCKS GO! FIGHT DUCKS FIGHT! WIN DUCKS WIN!

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