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Good morning!

Today I have another Wet n' Wild texture polish to show you that I purchased at Fred Meyer. I love greens and it's one of the most important colors to have in my stash. Being that I like to do nail art for my favorite college team and all...

ATTEN Hut is an olive green loaded with golden shimmer. My photos tend to wash it out but it is much darker. Thanks Ott light and makeshift light box!

Two coats over base

I went two coats with this as it was opaque. However, I think a third coat would have deepened the color. Nonetheless, I am in love. This is just so pretty.

Just like Beauty is a Battlefield, the formula is very thick and the brush not so great and overly saturated. This was a little bit easier to work with but I really had to use careful and considerate application.

I added top coat to this as well because I wanted to see if the gold shimmer pops more.

It certainly does pop. This handled top coat better than Beauty is a Battlefield but it would definitely eat the top coat too.

Another gorgeous texture polish has made it to the stash!

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