Beauty is a Battlefield

Good morning!

I was able to snag a couple of the new Wet n' Wild Tough Girl textured polishes. I love me some Wet n' Wild so I was really looking forward to their interpretation of the trend. I was not disappointed...

Beauty is a Battlefield is a rich metallic-y purple with blue and red microshimmer. It was really hard to pick up that shimmer in my photos however.

Two coats over base coat

This doesn't dry all that matte. Thanks to the metallic nature it still shines, albeit slightly duller. It's a really thick formula but its thickness actually works in its favor. I did two coats and was fully opaque. Dry time is pretty good but not nearly as good as say the texture creams from Milani.

My only complaint is the bottle and brush. This bottle is way too small and the brush is almost mop like. Since the formula is so thick, the brush is completely saturated and the bristles splay. This made it hard to work with but not impossible.

Of course, I had to see what this would look like if I added top coat:

It doesn't totally smooth out but you can make out some of the shimmer. I snapped this almost as soon as I applied top coat because I knew this was going to devour it. 

I'm loving it and I'm glad to have it in the stash.

I purchased this at Fred Meyer during a BOGO 1/2 sale. 

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