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Good morning!

I'm late again with my Duck Day mani. I spent Saturday night hanging with my family and then helped Matt get prepared for his trip to Las Vegas. We had a great Sunday just enjoying our time together and catching up on some television programs. (Oh, how we love Scandal.) I did not get this posted yesterday because I was performing some maintenance on my computer and then I had to work. So, there's my whole story.

Now, Duck Day Manicure!


The color to wear for the week was green and I knew I wanted to wear one of my all time favorites since it was supposed to be sunny. Hence, the glorious Emerald Sparkle from China Glaze.

I decided to do a representation of our cheer that we do during kickoff on my nails. I got my handy "O" temporary tattoos and placed them on my thumbs. Then I grabbed the alphabet stamping plates I got from Claire's and stamped the smaller "o" on the rest of my fingers as well as an exclamation point. I then used one of my dotting tools to make the ellipses. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening for my stamping and dotting.

It's a surprisingly subdued look for me but I'm really proud of how it turned out. My only criticism is my placement just so the ellipses could have been better represented. Everyone I showed it to loved it and got the reference. Except for my sister. I'll cut her some slack though. She had spent the day working on her house and cooking the family some amazing chile verde.

There ya have it. I will be doing a look for the Washington Huskies even though it pains me. My only consolation is I have a new polish to use for it that is going to look brilliant. 

Until later!

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