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I had the opportunity to pick up some more polish the weekend before last and I got some very nice things. I was pleasantly surprised to see some Kleancolor mini sets at Ross. I picked up the Retro City metallic set mainly just to use for stamping. However I was blown away when I swatched them on paper. So I had to immediately do a manicure with the green color.


Kleancolor Metallic Green

Oh. My. Word. This is a glorious green. It absolutely glows. I had heard good things about Kleancolor metallic polishes but I had no idea until I put that on.

What you see above is two coats. I was really surprised by that. I shouldn't have been because metallics like this are often richly pigmented. As such this did have a thick formula but it was thick in the best way. 

I didn't have high hopes for a quick dry time but it did so much faster than I anticipated. My only real criticism is the smell. Kleancolor polishes have the weirdest, funkiest smell. It's a bit unpleasant and undefinable but easy enough to cope with.

I'm willing to deal with a weird smell just to have a beautiful glow like this. The good news is that the smell dissipates very quickly and life moves on.

Matt really liked this a lot and it inspired another nail art challenge. He's still riding high on having challenged me with the brick pattern so he looks at everything now as possible nail art for me to do. His newest inspiration was one of our outdoor chairs.

It's one of those plastic jobbies with the plastic strips wrapped around the frame. The ones we have are two shades of green, a lighter and a darker, blue toned shade. I didn't have a whole lot of time to do a full look but I was able to do an accent nail.

I used striping tape and Orly Lucky Duck to make the stripes. I liked how it looked but I think my stripes could have been thinner. I'm glad I didn't do it on all my nails though. It would have been a lot of look. (Hear that phrase in Tim Gunn's voice and you'll agree.)

I can't recommend the Kleancolor metallic polishes enough except for the smell. I fell so madly in love that I went to BeautyJoint.com and ordered the entire line in full size bottles. So...you'll be seeing more metallics. They are that amazing.

Now I have to stamp with them. I'm confident they will do quite well.

I bought the Kleancolor Retro City mini 6 piece set at Ross for $3.99. It's also available at BeautyJoint.com for $4.99. You can check it HERE.

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