Meet The Rivals Week 6 (Hate Week edition)

Good morning!

This manicure was hard for me, y'all. The Ducks have some serious rivals and Washington is a big one. I have no love for the Huskies other than their school colors. I'm pleased with what I came up with but I am dreading the Civil War when I will have to do a Beavers manicure. I may loathe the Huskies but I cannot abide the Beavers!

That said, here's my hate week manicure:

The Duck says, "Harry the Husky is actually a Labradoodle."

The nicest thing I can say about the Huskies is that they have great colors. You just can't go wrong with purple as far as I'm concerned.

The Duck also says, "Harry the Husky smells like wet dog."

Here is what I used:
All fingers have a base of Kleancolor Metallic Purple. I sponged the second coat for a little more texture.
I used Scotch tape and sponged Kleancolor Metallic Yellow and painted Orly Au Champagne for the tips.
Then I grabbed my alphabet stamping plate that I got at Claire's and stamped U and W with Kleancolor Metallic Yellow and Konad Special Polish in white.

And there ya have it. By the way, let me just say that Metallic Yellow is clearly not yellow. It's gold. It is a seriously yellow toned gold but it's not yellow. The only metallic yellow I have that is honestly yellow is Wet n' Wild The Wonder Yellows. I just had to make that clear because it troubled me so. Carry on!

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