Pink Is My Nemesis

Good morning.

I hate the color pink. I don't really know why.Maybe because my sister loved pink when we were kids and we shared a room that she got to pick out the colors and pink was everywhere. Maybe it's because I was a tomboy and rebelled against the "pink is for girls" thought. (Which, by the way, pink was once considered a masculine color and was THE boy color for a long time.)

Anyway, I don't have much pink in my stash. If I'm going to wear pink, I want it to be loud, brash and possibly retina searing. I recently acquired another brash pink that certainly fits my criteria.

Kleancolor Metallic Pink

Seriously, the Kleancolor Metallics are breathtaking. And not just because they smell funky. (They do.) But because the pigmentation is fab, the colors gorgeous and they dry fast. Plus, they make great stamping polishes. You must own these.

Metallic Pink is hella bright and shiny. What I couldn't capture in photos was that the blue tones that make you think it may be a snotch douchrome because I kept spying purple out of the corner of my eye. That's rad.

Two coats over base coat

I love that I only need to use two coats and it dries so quickly. I make sure to mention every time that these do smell and smell really weird. That's the only drawback about them.

Yet another pink slips into the fold and I'm down with it.

I purchased this at for $1.75. I also bought the entire line of the metallics but that's not important right now. 

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