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Good morning.

I went to Old Navy over the weekend to get Matt some new clothes and naturally, I walked out with some polish.

This gorgeous polish doesn't have a name on it and I am disappoint. 

I had to grab it because it was deliciously duochrome in the bottle. On the nail, the color shift is very subtle but I'm not sad. It's a beautiful color that's not quite teal and not quite emerald but a happy confluence of the two.

Three coats over base coat

The formula was quite nice applied smoothly. Two thick coats will certainly give enough coverage but I opted for three thin. Because it is a metallic there is some brush stroke but the glow this color has kind of blurs it. One could always sponge the final layer of color if it bothers you though.
The dry time was acceptable but not as good as the old Tip Toe polishes that the Nave used to sell.

I was really happy to find this. The last couple ties I was at the Nave, there were only boring pinks for sale and I wasn't going to go for that. I was worried that they had discontinued the polish but I'm glad to see they haven't. Yet. 

My only complaint about this is that the duochrome is really subtle. In the bottle it appeared to be emerald that flashed blue. Since that's my only complaint, it's not an issue then. 

I bought this at surprise, Old Navy. I paid $3.50. 

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