Tough Ducks Wear Pink

Good day!

I'm pretty wiped out this week already. I've been crazy, crazy busy with work. Thus, I'm late with my rivals manicure as well as my Duck one. So you get both in one post.

Lets's start with the rival.
The Washington State Cougars were our opponent this week. I don't hate the Cougs, I'm rather indifferent to them. I had a hard time coming up with a design so I did a fan brush look and some stamping.

Washington State is fondly referred to as "Wazzu" so I had to have it on my nails. Plus, that's really fun to say.

Here's what I used:
Essence Do You Speak Love on middle and pinkie
Diamond Cosmetics Matte Smoke on index and ring
Fan brush to messily brush on Orly Dayglow, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes and Do You Speak Love
Claire's alphabet plate to spell out "Wazzu" with Konad Special Polish in white

This weekend, the Ducks wore pink helmets, socks and cleats in honor of BCA and were raising money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. It all looked really cool:

I had but one problem with this: Pink. I don't like pink, own a carefully edited amount of it and was completely stumped on a design. I was also really exhausted when I set out to do this so I had many challenges. I'm not fond of the end result but I can say I did a pink Duck Day look in honor.

Let me tell you, me and stamping were not friends during this whole ordeal. Also, I'd like to point out two things: You're seeing my right hand and Matt was kind enough to help me take the photos. So thanks to my darling husband for helping and here's to making your nail photography debut.

Here's what I used:
All fingers are a base of Wet n' Wild Fast Dry in How I Magenta Your Mother
The stamps are done with Kleancolor Black Pearl
I used one of my Red Angel plates for the wings
The Claire's alphabet for the "O's" on my middle finger
Lastly, another Claire's plate for the fishnet (That I wanted to be more like chain link) and hearts.
I also used Diamond Cosmetics Matte top coat on my ring and pinkie fingers, just for funsies.

And there ya have it, rivals and Duck Day manicure for October 20, 2013. I'm off to make a date with my bed now. See you soon!

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