Oh Sandy

Good morning.

It's been awhile and it's probably going to be even longer before I get this all together and get back to regular posting. However, I'm still doing things. Like this:

The base is Kleancolor Metallic Pink. I used OPI Stay The Night over it with my striping tape. It's not perfect, I found that Stay The Night really requires at least three coats for best opacity and it takes awhile to dry.

Nonetheless, I like the combination. I wasn't super excited over the first Mariah Carey collection except for Stay The Night. It was a bit too feminine for me and well, Mariah Carey. Not going to deny her talent, I'm just not into her music so a polish collection devoted to her wasn't exactly a must have for me.
However, I will gladly hand over my money for say, a Lita Ford collection or Tarja Turunen. Just sayin' is all.

And there ya have it. quick word about last week's Duck game. I didn't do any nail art at all. Not because the Ducks lost but because I needed time off.I didn't even turn on my computer until Monday morning because I was so tired. So, you know I'm exhausted if I skip a Duck Day manicure.

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