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Good day!'s awesome when a planned post dovetails nicely with current events. You get to take that pony and ride your way to increased pageviews. I'm feeling a bit misanthropic so I'm sorry not sorry to do what I'm about to do.

Essence - As Long As you Love Me swatch
Essence - As Long As You Love Me

Seriously. I bought a Justin Bieber polish. I'd be ashamed if it weren't for the following:
  1. It's pretty
  2. It doesn't have that kid's name on it
  3. I really love Essence
  4. I got it as part of a BOGO 1/2 off at Freddy's (I got the Eyeliner pen for the 1/2 off. BEST. Eyeliner. EVER. And I was devoted to Tokidoki's eyeliner pens for years.)
I'm not gonna lie it was awkward to pluck this polish from a giant display of Justin Bieber. I'm a late thirties metalhead and I'm not exactly in his demographic. I also have more taste than what's in my mouth but that's neither here nor there. Suffice to say, I got some side eye by the other shoppers at Freddy's. 

Essence - As Long As You Love Me swatch

ALYLM is a softer grey with subtle shimmer. It went on amazingly well and only needed two coats for opacity. The dry time was excellent. I was so into it, I kept using it in every bit of nail art I did. (Did I take photos? No. I was busy being chained to my desk.)
I love me a good grey polish and this exceeded all expectations. 

Essence As Long As You Love Me Justin Bieber Beauty Beats Collection

I'm just glad I've never had to tell people what it was called. I'm pretty sure I would get more side eye.

Ok then. So this wasn't the first time that Canadian kid teamed up with a beauty company. I think we all remember the Nicole by OPI Justin Bieber Collection. (Here's a reminder.) I didn't dig that at all so i abstained. But this, this was better. So, good job Essence?

Anyway. So I was a total jerk and took advantage of Justin Bieber's DUI arrest to enrich myself. I can live with that.

I go this at Fred Meyer in November. I forgot what I paid.

In all seriousness though, I do hope that kid will get his shit together and clean up his behavior. Because he's really making people not like Canada and Canadians. Thank Bob Rush is still here to be the Canadian goodwill ambassadors!

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