Good day.

When I wen to Vegas last month, I knew I would be buying lots of polish. The trick was to buy things I couldn't get at home. The exception being Chanel of course. In my wanderings, I spied a Topshop in the Fashion Show mall. I'm familiar with the store just had never been to one as they only have five locations in the US. I remembered that they too sold polish so I hauled the boys in there and went looking.

I waddled away with only two bottles but what I found was rad. I'm only showing one now but trust me, it's worth it.


Like I would walk away from a duochrome. Aurora is a bronze-y metallic that flashes green, gold and blue. It's pretty magical.  I took a ton of photos to try and capture everything but I really couldn't.

This applied waay better than I imagined it would and dried super quick. I was happy that it wasn't crazy brush stroke-y. Like I said, magic.

I bought this at Topshop in Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas. I seriously forget how much I paid. I think it was like 2 for $8 before sales tax.


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