Meet The Rivals: Catch Up Edition

Hey guys hey.

So that really cool challenge Matt gave me to do the teams facing the Ducks this year? It was fun but it sure fell apart quickly. I do have one more that I really did want to share because I really loved how it came out.

This one is for the University of Utah who played us on November 16. I have a special fondness for them because a dear woman I once worked with went there and she cracked me up when she told me it was the school for the "bad" Mormons, poor Mormons and the rest of Utah's population. Sounds like my kind of place.

Anyway, onto the nail art!

I'm riding the textured trend until the end apparently. I think this came out pretty snazzy and I wanted to do something really fun for an opponent I didn't hate

Index and Ring are Sally Hansen Sugar Fix
Middle and Pinkie are Milani Tainted in Red
I used Nails Inc Noho to do the French tip on the middle, Tainted in Red for the tip on the index
I used my Red Angel plate RA-116 for the "feathers" and my Claire's alphabet plate for the UT.

Now I feel just a bit caught up. As if. I was a swatching fool at the beginning of this week so I will have lots to come. However, I do have one more thing keeping me from being as active.

My mother in law fractured her right leg a few weeks ago and then she fell and broke her left shoulder on Xmas eve. So...we spent NYE at the hospital while she had surgery on her shoulder. Now our joined free time is spent visiting mom while she recovers and does physical therapy at a rehab facility. 
Gratefully, she's good and her recovery is going well. As much as I love my nail polish, I love my mother in law more.

Now you have a little glimpse into the hectic whirlwind that are my days. Thanks for coming by!

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