Rockin' Amethyst

Good morning!

I'm cracking the whip on myself and getting my backlog out there! As I said before, I've been a nail polish buying fool. So I have a lot to show. Today is a random Dollar Tree find.

Arissa Rockin' Amethyst

Rockin' Amethyst is a rich violet jelly with pink tones and a ton of blurple shimmer. It's pretty rad.
I used three coats for best opacity as it is is a bit sheer. Dry time is acceptable but not amazing.

I had never tried this brand before and didn't even know about it until I began shopping at Cherry Culture.
The bottle is pretty snazzy but I love that it has a rubberized cap. Especially for someone as epically clumsy as I.

I'm not sure how widely available this brand is much less the color. Cherry Culture only has three shades available here. And they're pretty boring. The company site is here but doesn't appear promising. Hmm...I got nothin'.

Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!

I got this at the glorious Dollar Tree for my favorite price point of one smackeroo. I'm a cheap little lamb.

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