The #1 A++ Best Favorite of 2013.

Good day.

I know, January's almost over. A little too late for a "best of" essay. But I don't curr, I do what I want!
Which means you get to see my favorite for nail polish of 2013. I thought it was going to be hard to narrow down into a decent size list but when I looked things over it became very clear.

Without further ado, my list for the best of 2013 in nail polish:

# 1. Chanel Taboo

And that's it. That is my list. This was the simple greatest polish I bought in 2013. I lusted after it like mad and when I went to Vegas, I was on the hunt for it. (It was long since disappeared at home plus I don't really like the Chanel counter here.)

You've seen it, you've read the descriptions. I won't take up space with that. All you need to know is it is insanely gorgeous and everything I wanted it to be. So I took elebenty million pictures.

Bonus: A photo with one of the raddest gifts Matt has ever given me

Look at how amazing that knuckleduster clutch is!! I've been longing for one that I could afford and I never told Matt. Whilst in Vegas, we rolled through a boutique in our hotel that had a couple of neat ones and that's how he learned. Bob love that man, he remembers when it comes time to gift giving and this is waaay better than any of the ones I saw at that boutique.

Taboo and the clutch were made for each other, no doubt.

I bought Taboo at the Chanel boutique in the Wynn in Las Vegas for $27 plus tax.


  1. Pretty, pretty. God, I haven't bought a Chanel since like 2010. Maybe I should change that.

    1. If you can get Taboo then yes, YOU MUST. :)


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