Yep, this is old

Good afternoon!

So I'm slowly getting through my pictures. I was horrified the other day when I threw my SD card in the reader and saw how many unedited photos I have and swatches I forgot I did.

That said, I'm posting my nail art from HALLOWEEN. That's how far behind I am. Seriously. That said, here's a photo of me and Matt in our costumes.

El Tigre Blanco y Scarlet

As you can see, Matt went as a Luchador. I was his valet. They were fun costumes but I forgot how annoying long hair can be. And that wig was heavy! Since I was beholden to El Tigre Blanco, I had to do some proper nail art.

What I used that I can remember:
Base is Kleancolor Metallic Blue, 2 coats
Essence Stampy Plate with tiger stripe  full nail design and paws

I really don't remember what white polish I used to stamp with. I know it wasn't Konad Special Polish since it's not smeared. Perhaps it was WNW French White Creme? I dunno.

And there ya have it. My Halloween manicure. Yay me!

Until next time!

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