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So I actually left my house earlier this week and ventured over to Fred Meyer to check out what's new. The truth is I was hoping to find a new cross body bag that could fit this. Since I will be seeing Moonspell on Saturday, I want to get my book signed. I got my poster signed last year might as well get ALL THE THINGS signed. I didn't find a suitable bag but I did find a new to me nail polish brand.

Dr. Marvey Colorwell Water Based Polish in Clematis

I've never tried a water based polish before. I have however, read a lot of reviews of them.Suffice to say I was not impressed. I decided to give Dr. Marvey a shot because the price was reasonable at $5.99 rather than some price points I've seen.

I was also drawn in by the color choices. The display had a nice albeit small range of colors that included a glitter and shimmer. I was particularly drawn to Clematis since it was so sunny and pretty. 

Three coats over base coat

Dr. Marvey is most known for their array of nail treatments and it appears the nail polish game is fairly new. I looked at the display to see if I needed a special base coat and I couldn't tell that I did. So I just went home and used Nail Magic as my base coat.

I really expected this to apply horribly and I was surprised. It applied really well despite being quite thick and unsurprisingly watery. I did three thin coats but it covered really well at two. What really blew me away was the dry time. This dried super quick! It does feel a bit "wet" as it dries like your nails were dipped in water and it's definitely a cold-ish feeling as it dries. There is no odor either. Which was unsettling for me but I don't count given how often I paint my nails.

I wore this for a day and a half and it held up nicely to my tapping away at a keyboard. I removed it with regular acetone remover but I suspect like many water based polishes, you can easily remove it with an orange stick after soaking your nails in warm water for five or so minutes. There wasn't a special remover offered so I can't say you have to buy or use one. I suspect you could use a soy based remover like those from Scotch Naturals, Priti NYC and Piggy Paint among others.

Overall, I was really impressed by this polish and I think I will definitely purchase some more of the color offerings. This is great for those who are particularly concerned about using biodegradable products or for little ones that love to get their nails painted. I know I'll be offering it to my step niece next time show hangs out with me.

So I googled and googled and I can't find too much info. This is the official site HERE and the Colorwell site HERE. Evidently, they offer lip color too. Hell if I know where one would find it. You can also check out their social media pages for more information.

I got this at Fred Meyer for $5.99. Sadly, I do not know where else this can be found. But if you'd like to take a nice trip to the Pacific Northwest, you can definitely hit up Freddy's!


  1. I found this on clearance at my HEB store. I don't know why I never saw this before except that I wasn't looking. I only found this because I was browsing the year end clearance for cosmetics and found a rack of this polish. They had several beautiful colors and I bought four of them and wore two before going back and getting four more different shades. The application is great with this and the polish is so thick and stays put right where you lay it. No pooling, no dripping, no running, no streaking and I've worn this for 2 days already and it still looks great. I found this for $2.97 a bottle but originally it was marked for $5. I'm really surprised at how decent this polish is. I picked up Clematis for the gorgeous shimmers and glow from within properties.

  2. I also bought this on clearance at HEB for $1.50 and am thinking I'll head back for more colors. I found it a but hard to spread because of the thickness but you just have to get used to how it works. My boyfriend really appreciated that there was no smell involve! The color is rich and I'm liking the results so far!


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