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I have really enjoyed the milky glitter trend and I bought quite a few. And then it got a bit old. It happens.
But I was recently surprised by a twist that I had not seen before and simply had to pick up. Neon milky glitter? Yes please!

Island Girl milky glitter polish
Left to right: Island Paradise
Island Heat and Island Sunset
Pinkie has OPI Liquid Sand in Solitaire just because.

I knew I would be stopping into an ABC store in Vegas because they sell Island Girl polish and it's not something I can get at home. I actually found myself underwhelmed as I first perused the massive display. I'm starting to tire of some shades and glitters so I challenge myself to find something unique or fill some holes in the stash. I was just about to walk away when I spied the three above. It was really the matte blue glitter that struck me but then i used the testers on some paper and I knew they'd be coming home with me.

All have matte blue glitter in fine and large hex sizes. All are milky and all are neon. They went on pretty well albeit a bit streaky. All dry matte but do dry really, really quickly. I was surprised how light and fluid it applied because it seemed really thick in the bottle.
I did three coats of each over one coat of Pure Ice Platinum base coat. Island Paradise and Island Heat make think of those robin's egg candies at Easter. Island Sunset was the most troublesome though. In the bottle, it looks like highlighter yellow but it goes on a bit more orange-y. I could see the pigments really weren't mixed and I had a heck of time to try and shake it up to mix. These polishes don't have the stainless steel balls in them and because of the seriously generous amount of glitter, it's really hard to get things mixed.

I will have to try to find some of those steel BBs because I just can't deal with that. I also have a lot of other polishes that could use them as well. However, I love these and am really glad to have them. I will be enjoying them even more once I have some sun!

I bought these at the ABC store in Fashion Show mall in Las Vegas. There were on a B2GO deal but individually they were like $2.99. I don't remember the exact price because I was really tired and hungry when I was shopping and I still had to hit Urban Outfitters.

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  1. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing that there are actually interesting Island polishes out there, so the next time I'm in Vegas I know what to look for! Now it makes me wish I had a trip planned there. You're completely right about Island Paradise and Island Heat looking like those robin's egg Easter candies!


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