Sweet Tart

Good morning.

I hauled at Sally not too long ago and picked up an Orly I vaguely knew about it and had never really seen. I keep working to expand my Orly collection because, well, it's my favorite.

Orly Sweet Tart, three coats

Sweet Tart is a red jelly. In the bottle it appears to be more cherry red but on the nail it's definitely a berry red. It goes on great though not so much on my index finger. I applied it much too thin on my index which I did not do on my other fingers. There's still some VNL but it wasn't too bad. dry time was great which I never expect for jellies. They seem to dry slowly and that's one drawback I have with them.
Jellies are just fun for the layering opportunities and nail art so I was glad to have another in the stash. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't more of a true red but I do have one of those so I guess I'm good.

I bought this at Sally Beauty as part of a BOGO. Orly is just the best, really.

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