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I went and visited my mother-in-law this last weekend and managed to hit up Kmart. It was a good trip for me since I stocked up on more Nail art goodies from Fing'rs and their Heart 2 Art series. I saw some things I hadn't yet beheld so that was pretty exciting. Naturally, I walked away with yet another stamping kit.

Yesterday I decided to do a quick manicure with just a couple of the designs from my kit. I do need to do scans of the plates because I have different designs than what can be glimpsed here.

Here's how it breaks down:

The base is OPI DS Classic
I used Sally Hansen CSM in Navy Baby, Orly Wild Wisteria and Orly Teal Unreal for the stamps. 
I used Teal Unreal on my pinkie but I wasn't satisfied with how well it showed up so I stamped over that with Navy Baby.
All nails except middle finger are designs from the Fing'rs Stamp It Kit. The middle finger is from one of my newer Essence Stampy plates. (More plates that need to be scanned!)

It may not have been smart to use a holo polish since it's rainy again but I really, really wanted to use it. So, yeah. Anyway, the stamping plates are great and the images transfer really well. The key is really choosing the best polish to stamp with. Of course my right hand came out a snotch better but I really did not feel like doing the required gymnastics to take a decent photo.

I got the Fing'rs Stamp it kit at Kmart for $3.99. I bought OPI Ds Classic at the Aria Hotal in Las Vegas for $12.50. All others were purchased a really long time ago.

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