In black and white

Good morning.

Today I have some recent nail art that I ended up wearing for about three days straight.

I was wanting a black and white manicure but I was also entranced by the full nail design from my newest Essence Stampy Plate.

I started with a base of OPI 4 in the Morning on all fingers except ring which is Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat. I then used a Kiss Nail Tattoo on my ring finger in a wavy floral-ish pattern. The tattoo was meant for the pinkie nail but I didn't want a full nail design for my accents so I just used it on the ring.

I used my newest Essence Stampy Plate for the rest. This plate comes in a starter kit with stamper and scraper. I bought it for the plate but another stamper is always good to have. The plate has a lot of romantic themes but the full nail design in the middle was just an eye catching abstract design.

I used Platinum Bade Coat and China Glaze Millennium for the stamping. I messed up on the placement and ended up double stamping on some nails when I meant to stamp half the nail with one color and the other half with another. Oh well. Still came out pretty neat.

The nail tattoo also broke a bit on both nails before I could seal it with top coat but it wasn't a big error so I let it go.

I bought OPI 4 in the Morning at Sally Beauty Supply for $9. The Essence Stampy Plate was purchased at Fred Meyer for $3.99. Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat was sent to me for review almost two years ago and I bought China Glaze Millennium at Sally years ago.

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