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Good morning.

Today I have a polish that Matt surprised me with during the "12 days of random gifts." It was a fun 12 days and I got some really great gifts but this one just made me laugh when I got it. It arrived with another polish in a giant box. All that was inside was two carefully wrapped polishes and a fragrance sample. I found it hilariously excessive but I can confirm that both polishes arrived safely.

(This was a gift from my husband.)

Dior Perfecto, three coats

I was truly surprised Matt remembered that I wanted to try some Dior polishes. So he chose two and surprised me. The man knows me well as a grey creme is an excellent choice.

Perfecto is a very dark grey creme with blue tones. It's in the same color family as Orly Decoded but much, much darker. The brush was a surprise because it's very similar to the ones in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. Flat and wide, almost paddle like. I found that three thin coats wasn't really the way to go in applying, to thicker ones made for a better experience and coverage. Later when I wore this again, I did the two thick coats and it was much better. The thicker coats did make me worry that it would take forever to dry but it dries super fast and with a lovely shine. 

I love Perfecto and am glad t have this as I needed a darker grey for the stash and as a base color for nail art. Matt did well in choosing this ans he did in choosing the other one. (Which will be shown at a later date.)

My husband bought this for me at Dior.com. I don't know what he paid but I can tell you that the MSRP is $24.

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