Just a little kindness

Good day.

Today I'm finally showing the other Spa Ritual polish I bought way back when and never got around to sharing.

Kindness is an interesting orange since it's looks like a pumpkin in lower light and almost juicy orange in brighter light.The golden sparkles are perfect and just the thing to keep this from being boring.
I had issue with my bottle and ended up having to thin it out because it was really thick. I bought this at Ross so I'm sure someone tried it out and left it slightly open. Jerks.

I used three coats for full opacity and was happy that the dry time was pretty good considering I had to futz with it. I love the color so much but I have to be honest that right now it's not a favorite because it is very Autumn to me and frankly, I am through with Autumn and Winter. Plus Cancun is all booked and I am ready to hit that beach!

I bought this at Ross back in December for $9.98. It came with Spa Ritual In the Buff and was supposed to come with a bag but that was either long ago ripped off or sold separately. 

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