Hubby's Nail Art Challenge - Holy buckets this is hard

Good morning.

Today I have a challenge from Matt that deserved the word challenge. He found this gorgeous free handed floral manicure HERE. It is stunning but I cannot do something like this. He did offer a great suggestion abut water marbling so I ran with it.


I was wearing Color Club East Austin and I really didn't want to take it off so I decided to use it for my reinterpretation.

What I used:
Color Club East Austin
Orly La Playa
Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud

I taped off my index, middle and pinkies and then marbled. I used craft scissors to make a snazzy wavy pattern in the tape so it would translate to the nails. First time I used tape with marbling and it was something.
I decided to just do a small part of my ring finger for funsises and then my whole thumb. Because I do what I want.

This was my favorite challenge by far because I really got use my imagination and I loved how it turned out.
On to the next challenge!

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