Hubby's Nail Art Challenge

Good afternoon and Happy Friday!

Recently Matt has decided to challenge me so he's been haunting Reddit for cool manicures. The pint is not to recreate them so much as it is to reinterpret them.
That said, here is another entry in Matt's challenge.

The inspiration was gasoline nails. The image Matt found is HERE. I was pretty sure these were foils and nail polish was going to look hella diferent. I rose up to the challenge and while I'm not in love, it turned okay.

Gasoline nails

Here's what I used:

Two coats WNW Black creme
Savina Black Pearl
Sally Hansesn Sea Pearl and Pink Pearl
Gap Gold Rush
Maybelline Boho Gold

All I did was randomly brush on very light strokes. I did not go the distressed route but that may have been a good way to go.

Hubby Challenge complete!

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