Neon Butterlies

Good day!

Today I have some random nail art that I did as well as playing around with our new camera. We're headed back to Cancun one last time this year before we finally branch out and explore more of the Caribbean and Central America in the years to come. That means we needed a new camera.
We bought a Samsung WB800F. It's pretty snazzy, not nearly as snazzy as the Samsung Galaxy one but then again, we didn't have that kind of budget to drop $500 on a camera.

Anyway. I decided to see how it fared against my Kodak. I present the results with a caveat that I really haven't played with it much other than to know its macro mode.'s not very scientific.

Here's my neon nail art taken by my Kodak:

Not too shabby. The colors are pretty accurate and the detail is nice.

Here's the Samsung photo:

It's kind of washed out but it does a pretty good job. It didn't freak out over the neon. The detail is not as crisp but I suspect that more to not having a anti shake feature turned on. (If it has one. I don't know.) I could have had the camera on a table but I wanted to replicate the usual way I photograph my nails.

Based on this, I'm not going to be forsaking my Kodak. I do need to play with the Samsung more and find out more. So there ya have that. Now just photos of my mani:

Here's how this breaks down:

Since it's been stupid humid thanks to the rain, polish is not drying on me unless I sponge it on. So I sponged a base of Orly Pure Porcelain on all nails. Then I randomly sponged on Sinful Colors Dream On and the no name Destined coral neon with pink flash that is UH-mazing.

I used one of the plates from my new Fingr's Stamp It kit. It's a full nail butterfly/flower design I really wanted to see how would turn out on the nails. I used MoYou stamping polish in black. The design is fun albeit a too much for my little curvy nails. I was bummed that I got smears after applying top coat. That always happens with special stamping polishes and me. because I'm worried that if I don't add my top coat right away, I'm totally going to fuck up my manicure. With the way I operate, this is not an unfounded fear.

 And there ya have it. I'm off to work out. I got a little winter poundage that I want to whittle a snotch so I can look extra awesome hanging out at the beach in my Judas Priest monkini. (You can see it here from the designer Matt bought it from.)

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