Neon Lights

Good morning.

I hit up Dollar Tree in Roseburg not too long ago and managed to find another Milani I knew nothing about it.

Oh Milani. This is not neon. I see what you did there but you are wrong. It's okay. I still love you.

Neon Lites is a sheer green toned yellow shimmer. Have I mentioned that it's sheer? the above photo is three coats. It's not bad coverage considering and I'm okay with the VNL but yeah, it's sheer. It has a hint of yellow highlighter but it's really not that bright so I say, NOT neon.

Dry time on this is really good and the formula is nice. Not too runny, not streaky. I'm not really sure why I bought this other than I thought maybe possibly I can work it into Duck Day manicures. (Yay it's baseball season!) Otherwise I may have passed it by as it's a color that few can wear. And I'm not sure how well I'm wearing it. But it's hard to say not a $1 price point.

What do you think? Should I try a Duck Day mani with this?

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