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I recently hit up Ross to get some much needed sandals and miscellany to prepare for our trip to Cancun so naturally, I bought nail polish. I go to Ross specifically for Color Club and let me tell ya they have been letting me down. Color Club gets harder and harder for me to find. Gratefully, this time I found a min 4 pack from the Girl About Town collection. I HAD to have this. I NEEDED Pearl District because Oregon and I love Portland and when I'm up there, much of my time is spent in the Pearl. However, I really loved the whole collection.

Anyway. I was not hurt to have another grey creme and I love that it was named for the Silver Lake neighborhood of L.A. I remember when Silver Lake was a bad neighborhood and right before I left So. Cal, I remember reading coverage from the L.A. Times on how artists and whatnot were taking over and turning it around. Ah gentrification...

Anyway, as a former California resident; I must have any polish that references the places I used to go and get into trouble.

Silver Lake is a light grey with blue tones. It is very lovely and wonderful. The formula is really good but thanks to the rainy and humid weather we had, it did not work out so well. Oregon Spring is AMAZING y'all. Plus I seem to have major issues getting a nice, crisp clean up with really light creme shades. That's me and I'm just a klutzy and inept bish which is all you really need to know.

I won't front, you really do need three coats for best coverage but this dries pretty quickly. It does self level nicely and is not chalky. So yay!

I'm sad I don't have the full sizes but I'm not sad that I don't have Williamsburg and Uptown. I was meh over Williamsburg and I have a dupe in Uptown with Urban Outfitters Mystic. 

Did you get the Girl About Town Collection? Any neighborhoods you think they should've included? Personally, I want to make a polish that represents the Whiteaker neighborhood here in Eugene but I don't know how to best represent beer and hippies in one color.

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