Duty Free!

Good afternoon.

I am back. I had yet another amazing time in Cancun and again sad to be back. However, I got some snazzy nail polish shopping done so I have plenty of new pretties. This time, I did something different and took advantage of the duty free shop in the airport. Since I've gotten over my reticence to buy luxury brands (in nail polish anyway...) I had to see what was happening at the Chanel counter. After Matt goaded me into it. I get so hung up on only looking for polish I can't get at home that I forget that the duty free shop can have some things I can't find at home. For instance...THESE:

I finally have Peridot. No, I did not need it. I have two bottles of Gap Gold Rush which is a dead on dupe. But it was a lemming and a dream and it is now mine. Finally seeing Bel-Argus in person made my heart race so I did not hesitate. You all know how much I love a duochrome.
Both are amazing, great formulas in spite of some brush strokes and drop dead gorgeous. Enough said. now look at them, LOVE THEM.

Chanel Bel-Argus, three coats

Chanel Peridot - three coats
It's actually Gap Gold Rush on the index

I couldn't resist so I painted my index with Gap Gold Rush. I examined my fingers and scrutinized and now I can unequivocally state that these are DUPES. The only difference I could find? The formula for Gold Rush is a snotch thicker. That's it. But the cachet lies in owning a Chanel, let's be real. And I'm a greedy little nail polish collector.

And that's it for my travails through he duty free shop. We may go to Turks and Caicos next year so... there may very well be more duty free shopping in the future!

I bought these at the duty free shop in the Cancun International Airport and for the grand sum of $25 each. Which is actually two dollars less than I usually pay. Let's also remember that Duty Free in principle isn't all that interesting to me as I live in a state with no sales tax anyway. But it certainly made me feel all jet set and fancy!

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  1. The blue one looks really intense and gorgeous. i want to buy myself as chanel nail paint but i want to perfect my nail polish application skills before splurging. :D


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