Hubby's Nail Art Challenge - Marbled and dotty

Good day!

I'm back again with a nail art Challenge from Matt. This time it was combining the water marble with dotting. I really love the photo he sent me. It's a great manicure, the colors are fab and it looks wonderful.
Check it here.

Which now leads us to my version or rather inspiration:

I like it. But I love doing water marbles and using my dotting tool.

What I used:

Base color (That is mostly covered): Flamingo Cosmetics Color's festival in unnamed peach.
It's a pretty color that applies terribly and streaky. Which I expected for a peach and again from a polish that cost me only 35 pesos at Chula in La Isla Shopping Center in Cancun.

Water marble colors are Orly Skinny Dip and Pure Ice Platinum Base coat
Dots are Destined Unnamed Neon Coral and Pure Ice Platinum Base Coat

So swirly and dotty, no? Frankly, I like to water marble with lots and lots of swirls and mixing rather than the beautifully symmetric "petals" and whatnot that some do. That said, Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures will always be my guru.

This was a fun challenge for me just because I so love water marbling. I like trying to figure out where to best place my dots so they would follow the curves. I will be doing this look again and again.

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