Hubby's Nail Art Challenge - Neon Haze

Good morning.

Back again with one of Matt's nail art challenges. Sadly, this time I deleted the link that included my inspiration. I guess I thought I had posted it or something. I dunno. Either way, this challenge is completed!

Soo bright!!!

I'll try to describe the original. Basically it was a light purple going to neon purple to neon orange. And there was glitter. So I did this. And yes I shocked myself for not using my favorite color purple.

Here's what went into it:

1 coat of Revlon Powder Puff (I just snagged my fifth back up bottle of it. Thanks Grocery Outlet!)
Sinful Colors Fashion Neon
Cosmetic Arts No Name Orange that I renamed "Atomic Cheese"
Color Club Wham! Pow! and You Got Soul-ar

I sponged You Got Soul-ar over Wham! Pow! because I knew it wouldn't blend as well as I wanted on its own but I would still get some nice glitter action.

I like that it kinda reminds me of a Tequila Sunrise. Then again, I could be pining for Mexico...or cocktails in Mexico. One of those.

There's more nail art challenges coming from Matt but I think one he's given me will really test me. Stay tuned!

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