Renova Artes Matte

Good day.

Today I have one of the many polishes I hauled from my most recent trip to Mexico.

Renova Artes Matte - Dafne

Renova is a brand available in Mexico and I assume elsewhere in Latin America. I've shown the brand before along with its sister brand Inova. Renova is on it when it comes to trends as they had not only mattes but serious glitters and textures.

I'm a bit worn out on some glitter so I chose the matte.

Dafne is a pretty berry red with subtle shimmer. It goes on beautifully and dries quickly. One could get away with two coats but as ever, I opted for three.

Mmm...I do love matte polishes. I did not get a photo with top coat because I really liked it matte. One of these days I'll be motivated enough to do so. Today is not that day however.

I bought this at Wal-Mart in Cancun for about 450 pesos which was about $4.50 US. Of course I could be wrong about the price as I was snotch overwhelmed as I had to hunt down Matt, my sister, my brother-in-law and my nephew in the store and keep everybody together. Either way it was a good price and comparable to many of our drugstore brads in the US.

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