Saturated Heat

Good day!

Sad there was another break but I have been one burned out Lamb. The details are not interesting so I will spare you. But there has been plenty of nail polish shopping. Of course I had to pick up at least something from Orly's Baked Collection because Orly and what a great collection. Really gorgeous brights and neons that rock my socks.

Orly Saturated and Orly Hot Tropics on ring 

I got Saturated and Hot Tropics because purple. Saturated is my very favorite, it is amazing. A deep yet bright and highly pigmented crelly. I used two coats above. I should've used three but I couldn't see the above until I took photos in the sun. Don't let that deter you though. My nails are kinda weird anyway but two is pretty good given how pigmented it is and how fast it dries. The application was good. It's a bit strange in that it is a bit thick but really viscous.

Hot Tropics is a great fuchsia with gold sparkles and it applies gorgeously. Saturated is all I can think about however. I adore it so much. It's undeniably PURPLE and that makes me happy.

I picked these babies up at Sally. I urge you to run now and get more from this collection. It's neons done right, yo.

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