"Ablaze" in the Northern Sky

Good day!

Today I have another beauty from the Orly Baked Collection. I bought a mini set at Sally and gave my sister Hot Tropics and Saturated out of it since I have the full size bottles. I didn't know how I was going to love Ablaze so buying the mini seemed like a good idea...

Orly Ablaze 
three coats

It was a good idea to buy the mini EXCEPT now I need the full size bottle and my Sally sold out of it all. Le sigh...online shopping it is then.

Ablaze leans really orange on me but it's an orange-y coral with glorious golden shimmer. It 's vibrant enough that you do not need to layer it over white at all.  I can only imagine what this would be like layered over white. It's pretty retina searing as is. I still had a tiny bit of VNL but nothing major. Dry time was exceptional and the formula is smooth and perfect.

I got this at Sally Beauty Supply in a 4 pack mini set. It was marked at $9.97 but I used a 15% coupon and paid less.

P.S. if you get the musical reference in the post title, I will give you a virtual cookie.

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