Aqua Dream

Good afternoon!

Today I have another of the brilliant yet bad smelling Kleancolor Metallics. These are hands down the best metallic polishes I have ever used.

Metallic Aqua isn't so much aqua in my opionon. This is a metallic teal to me. Argue amongst yourselves as to what it is. What you need to know is that this is two coats that dried really, really quick.

The formula is very thick but applies nicely with hardly any drag. As always, I like to inform you that these smell terrible but it dissipates quick .

These are also really fab for stamping. So I think you should definitely buy them.Just make sure you use them in a room with good ventilation.

I bought the full Kleancolor Metallic collection at for less than $40 last year. I still see them all over Amazon so it's not too late to get you some!

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