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I'm doing my darnedest to get my Mexico haul swatched and posted.One of my regular visits is to La Isla Shopping center because they have a store that's pretty similar to Claire's called Kloom. Well three years since my last visit, Kloom closed and was now replaced with Chula. Honestly, wasn't much of a difference except the absence of Luchador stuff and a heavy emphasis on sandals. So, yeah. That said, I can move on to one of the polishes I purchased there.

Línea de Oro Unnamed Cobalt jelly

Línea de Oro is another Mexican brand of cosmetics. This is unnamed and had no ingredient list but you can be almost certain that it is not 3/4/5 free. It is however a gorgeous cobalt jelly.

Three coats, no top coat

This applies very thick and it is a bit streaky but I was enamored nonetheless. I was impressed with how quickly it dried in spite of its thickness. It does make application tricky and I suppose I could thin it out but I haven't. I just really adore the color.

I bought this ata store called Chula at La Isla Shopping center in Cancun. This was a whopping 35 pesos. Línea de Oro is only available in Mexico and appears only to be available to wholesalers but hey, you can check out their site HERE.

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