Nice day for a wedding

Good morning!

I was away for awhile due to a very busy week. My nephew got married on Saturday and the week was full of activities. My brother came from Texas for the wedding so we had a belated birthday party for him, an early birthday celebration for the groom and we squeezed in a concert at the fair to see my sister's favorite band, Tesla. It was a lot of fun but it was exhausting!

I was at a loss for a special manicure for the event until I found a new dress. I was thrift shopping down in Roseburg and happened upon a great dress that was cute, comfy and best of all, under $10 bucks. It was perfect for the event and I'm going to be wearing it very frequently. Behold...


It was super cute and it had POCKETS! Perfect to keep my lip balm and red lipstick on me at all times.Since it had so much color, I needed that on my nails too. I couldn't resist the inspiration to "match" my dress so I did this:

I love doing confetti nails because they are so easy, quick and delightful. Confetti nails are easily customizable as well. I hose to do my dots over my base of Nail Magic but you can do this over a solid base of color as well.

What I used:
Essence doting tool
Pure Ice Platinum Magic
Orly Snowcone
Apple Coral polish (swatches to come)
Kleancolor Metallic Orange, Teal, Fuchsia and Green 
Color Club Daisy Does It

I loved how it came out and it really coordinated nicely with my dress.

The wedding was lovely and held in a cute little chapel in Creswell. I loved that they even rang the church bells once the ceremony was over. My nephew looked so handsome and his bride was stunning. My eyes got a little leaky particularly when she sang to my nephew. *sniff*

It was great time and I was so happy for them and glad that my brother could come. Now to deal with the fact that my nephew is all grown up!

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